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Y12 Summer Preparation


We want our students to develop both academically and socially and do this by providing a highly supportive environment where young adults are valued and respected.

The crucial choices that you make now will determine your future as you mature into a young responsible adult. The Sixth Form leadership team, tutors and teachers will take a genuine interest in your progress and will be providing a supportive and caring environment where you can thrive. We are very proud of the guidance and advice that we can offer you so that your full potential can be achieved.

Our commitment to helping you prepare for the wider world is being delivered through a programme of enrichment and other accredited awards. Our aim at Wheatley Park Sixth Form is to prepare you for future success wherever that might be. Wheatley Park Sixth Form aims to provide an outstanding learning experience and to prepare students for the future demands of Higher Education and the Workplace. Although our high level of academic success is a key feature, the Sixth Form works equally hard to help you develop your skills, character and level of independence.

We take care to create an environment which has rigorous expectations and to provide students with everything necessary to be successful, yet at the same time retaining a sense of perspective and good humour.

I hope you find many of your questions answered by browsing through the site, however, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by phone, email, or by letter using the contact details.

We look forward to receiving your application.

James Staddon

Head of Sixth Form



Sixth Form Life

Wheatley Park Sixth Form is an environment for students to thrive personally and academically with a great atmosphere. Our students enjoy a huge range of opporunites outside the curriculum and are very involved in the life of the school community. Students organise several annual events including a film festival and fashion show and are encouraged to undertake voluntary work.

The Only Way is Wheatley


Leadership roles

Within the Sixth Form students can take on leadership responsibilities. The Head Boy/Girl team have whole school responsibilities and head student leaders from all year groups in providng an effective student voice withon our school community.

In addition, we have a Sixth Form commottee who represent the student body on Sixth Form issues, organise social events and promote fundraising for a range of charities including ROSY

Enrichment Programme

All students will participate in an enrichment programme which is designed to extend their experience beyond the traditional classroom environment. Whether you are aiming to complete your Gold DofE award, improve your artistic abilities, participate in sport or create a school magazine, we hope to provide a positive experience which can enhance your academic profile.

Business Placement Week

You will be provided with an opportunity in the summer term of Y12 to take a work placement. Our Work experience coordinator, will be able to support you in organising this.


Wheatley Park occupies the superb site of Holton Park with its Georgian mansion and extensive parklands; a moated island marks the site of a much earlier mansion mentioned in the Domesday Book. 

The Sixth Form centre offers excellent facilities including an IT study area with wireless network, a silent study area with careers library and a common room with its own canteen. 


If you would like to apply to attend Wheatley Park Sixth Form from September 2016 please complete our application form which can be found here.

Entry Requirements:

The basic entry requirement for level 3 courses in Wheatley Park Sixth Form is five or more C grades or above at GCSE or equivalent, including English and Maths. However several A-level courses have particular entry requirements in addition to this, please see the 6th Form Courses page for details.

While we may be able to accept some students onto a limited range of Level 3 courses without C grades in English and Maths next year, this can only be in cases where we are confident they will secure C grades with retakes.

How to choose your subjects: 

You must choose your courses in order of preference.

Please note that timetabling considerations, or low student numbers, may mean certain courses or combinations of courses are not available.

To ensure students at Wheatley Park Sixth Form are successful, we consider it vital to guide them onto appropriate courses.  This may be to facilitate their future progression or to ensure they select subjects which will enable them to achieve.

To assist in ensuring students are successful in their chosen subject choices, we provide subject specific entry requirements.  These are detailed on the course sheets for each subject.

All applicants will be interviewed to assist in guiding their choices and provide an opportunity for students to discuss their subject choices.  Further interviews take place in August or September to adjust student choices based on their GCSE attainment.

Following our application deadline on 8th January, we will generate option blocks for September 2016. We still welcome applications and students can amend their chosen subjects, but these are now limited to the blocks as shown below.


Wheatley Park School Supports Equal Opportunities For All



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