Everyone Learning

Learning is at the heart of school life, and must be everyone’s highest priority. We want to see every student and every adult taking part in learning, with no exceptions. We will learn together and independently, in classrooms, labs, fields and well beyond the walls of the school. If things go wrong, we will still make learning our focus and it will always be part of the solution. 

Seeking challenge.

We know that there will be challenges in learning and we want every student to appreciate the value of being challenged. WPS students will look for the things that may be hard but will certainly be rewarding. We don’t want learning to be too easy, nor do we want the challenge to be too great, but WPS students will never settle for an easy ride.

Showing determination

Learning often involves setbacks and struggle, and we learn best when we can get through the difficult moments. WPS students will know that mistakes are part of learning and they will be determined to get through, persevering when there is a barrier and showing strength and courage when it is needed.

Taking responsibility

Everyone at school has a part to play in making sure that everyone is learning, and also in making sure that the school is a happy and safe place. We all share responsibility for the learning and for each other, and we will accept that responsibility and act on it. We will stand up for what we know is right and always do what we can to support good learning and mutual respect.

Everyone Caring

While learning is our core business, learning alone can be a dangerous thing unless applied humanely. Therefore, we believe in developing the positive virtue of caring within our students. Just as the growth mindset reminds us that intelligence is not genetically predetermined, so we believe that the capacity to care is something that can and should be explicitly developed in all our students.

Making a difference

As caring citizens, we seek to make a positive difference to our school, local, national and global communities. We promote involvement in the democratic processes which are fundamental to ‘making a difference’ in the UK.

Being respectful

We promote respectful behaviour in all our interactions. In particular, we promote respect for everyone’s right to learn in a calm and consistent environment. As members of a diverse community, we promote mutual respect for and tolerance of difference.

Taking pride

We take every opportunity to celebrate individual and group success. We take pride in our stunning parkland site, our uniform and, most importantly, in the high levels of effort and resilience that underpin effective learning.