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All uniform orders need to be placed directly with the schools supplier SWI Schoolwear (Sportswear International), preferably online, rather than the school itself.

There are a number of benefits by ordering direct.  As well as allowing you to order online and arranging the delivery to your home, your workplace or to your child in school, you can also place orders using debit/credit cards.  We also provide support to those parents/carers who wish to pay in cash - please visit Reception, where we also hold samples of uniform in school so that you can check sizes.

You can find out more about uniform orders by clicking on the link here which will take you to our uniform supplier SWIs website. You will need to register (once only) and then you will be able to place orders on line. Or alternatively you can download and use the pdf order form here.

Orders placed over the Summer 2014 Holiday will continue to be processed by SWI. The preferred method for placing orders is online via SWIs website.

Over the holiday period, in order to ensure that your son or daughter has his/her uniform by the start of the new term, and to allow time for delivery and exchanges orders must be placed by the following deadlines:

For Home delivery, orders must be placed directly with SWI by the 12th August 2014

For deliveries into school, orders must be placed directly with SWI by the 12th August 2014 and collected from school during the holidays on Friday 15th August only, when we have made arrangements for staff to to be available to hand over your order.

Exchanges need to be directed to SWI and can take up to 10 working days from the date of return. Wherever possible, please return any items to SWI in the original packaging.

If you have any queries or problems please contact the Student Reception or email here

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