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Homework is a crucial part of the learning experience of students at Wheatley Park School.

As well as providing the opportunity to revisit and consolidate concepts learnt in lessons as well as explore new ideas. The independent learning and self-management skills developed through managing a range of homework tasks are also key skills to develop for later life.

Homework at Wheatley Park will involve a range of tasks, appropriate to different subject areas. The schedule for homework is set out below, as well as further information about expectations of students and how homework is set.

Setting of Homework

Homework is set for all students via Google Classroom. Each class has their own Google Classroom page where homework can be found and students also receive an email informing them of the homework as well as a calendar notification. Parents with registered email addresses also have the option to receive notifications of homework that has been set. If you have not received an email invite to Classroom by the end of the first week of term, please contact [email protected] and we will add you. There is a guide to managing your Classroom notifications here.

Completion of Homework

Completion of homework to a high quality is an expectation of all students at Wheatley Park and failure to meet this expectation will result in a sanction in line with our behaviour policy. Where there are exceptional circumstances which may have prevented the completion of a homework by the due date parents are asked to contact the class teacher or write a note the student planner (Y7 only) to inform the teacher.

Homework Support

Support is available to students in all years and takes place in the Library from 3-4pm each Monday-Thursday. Students can work independently on homework and receive support from staff where appropriate.

Years 7 and 8

Year 7 Each piece of homework should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Year 8 Each piece of homework should take around 40 minutes to complete.

Subject Frequency (Minimum expectation)
English Weekly
Maths Weekly
Science Weekly
Geography Weekly
History Weekly
French Weekly
RE Fortnightly
Art Fortnightly
Drama Fortnightly
Music Fortnightly
DT Fortnightly
Computing Fortnightly

Years 9-11

Year 9 Each piece of homework should take around 50 minutes to complete.

Years 10 and 11 Each piece of homework should take around 1 hour to complete. Frequency (Minimum expectation):

  • English - Weekly
  • Maths - Weekly
  • Science - Weekly
  • Option Subjects - Weekly

Students will be expected to complete required coursework and exam preparation tasks as appropriate.

Key Stage 5

A minimum of five hours of independent study will be per subject per week.

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