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Sixth Form Bursary

The Bursary Grant is available for those students joining the Sixth Form. There are two types, the Discretionary Bursary which is awarded at the discretion of the school to fit the needs and circumstances of the student. Our Discretionary Bursary is targeted at students who face financial barriers, therefore household income is a key determining factor. However, we will also look at need and the particular costs that an individual student may have as well as family circumstances (e.g. travel distance/number of dependent children). These bursaries are intended to help students meet the costs related to transport, books, equipment, field trips and other course-related costs and may also be used towards the costs of attending University interviews and open days. There is also the Full Bursary which is awarded to students who meet certain criteria, in particular if they are a young person in care. 


The application form to apply is found here. Please note that we do require evidence of family income before we are able to make any awards. You are able to apply at any time but decisions will not be made until September once we know who is joining our Sixth Form. Other important matters to be aware of:

  • We do not provide money to the students - they must order the item required through the school and we will then place the order and pay for it. Please note that we are under no obligation to pay for items which have been purchased by the student.
  • The Bursary has to be applied for in both years of the 6th form, however in Year 13 we just require a written and signed declaration about whether family income has changed or remained the same in the previous year.
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