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Red Zone at Wheatley Park School Information for parents and students

The Red Zone is used as a consequence for poor behaviour.

Occasionally we have to deal with an incident of poor behaviour. The purpose of Red Zone is to ensure that poor behaviour leads to a consequence, and to make sure that the student concerned has the opportunity to reflect and to put things right. Red Zone involves up to three hours of silent supervised study, working on tasks which are relevant and purposeful. It is a form of ‘internal exclusion’ which avoids a loss of a day’s education.
After a Red Zone, we meet with parents to ensure that everyone concerned knows what went wrong and to support the return to Green Zone learning.

When do we use Red Zone?

The kinds of behaviours that will lead to Red Zone include the following. The list is not exhaustive but provides examples.

  • Persistent and seriously disruptive behaviour
  • Confrontational behaviour/obscene language towards students or staff including obscenity, offensive language, racist, sexist or homophobic language
  • Fighting/ assault
  • Refusal to cooperate
  • Repeated incidence of smoking
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Anti-social behaviour in the community

The procedure

At the end of each day we investigate any incident of poor behaviour and agree on Red Zone if necessary for the following day. A member of staff calls the parents, using the agreed form. We are very keen to make sure that consequences happen promptly and do not drift.

On the Red Zone day the student arrives at the lodge at 8.30. The process starts with a discussion, and an explanation of what is expected. Mobile phones are handed in and an agreement is made for the day. We make sure that the student has lunch and a snack. The silent study is normally from 9am-2.30pm.The final session of the day is dedicated to reflecting on how the student can behave more appropriately in future. Most students meet the required standard of behaviour, but if they do not, they will have to repeat the Red Zone the following day.

We ask to see parents either just before or just after the Red Zone. We discuss what happened and look at how we can put it right. We put the student on report and the report is monitored and supported so that we know that a lesson has been learned. Any student who fails the Red Zone report may be asked to repeat the Red Zone.

How do we support parents?

We are  flexible about the timing of the parent meeting to readmit the student to Green Zone. We know that most parents appreciate the chance to talk to us about how to get the best out of their child. Most students never enter the Red Zone! For those that do, the majority do not repeat the poor behaviour.

Thank You for supporting this procedure. We appreciate the support of parents.


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